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PRENATAL YOGA COMPLETE™ is the perfect companion to help keep you and your baby healthy, fit and feeling good throughout your entire pregnancy. From the moment you learn you are pregnant to the time of delivery, this DVD will adapt to meet your ever changing daily needs. With over 8 routines for each trimester, breathing & pelvic floor exercises to prepare for delivery, and specially designed routines that may help with fertility issues, this unique DVD is the ideal aid to guide and assist you through this transformational time of your life. Routines include those for Morning Sickness, Lower Back Pain, Rejuvenation, Relaxation, Digestive Issues, Preparing For Labor. Special Fertility section included. This DVD is an Iyengar style of yoga, which is a slower paced style of yoga. The Iyengar style emphasizes alignment and awareness of your body and breath to ensure the health of you and your baby. Suggested props: Yoga Mat, Blankets, Strap and Block.
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