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bodywisdom media / FAQs / General DVD Playback Issues

General DVD Playback Issues

Check to see if there are small scratches or fingerprints on the DVD, sometimes these can be hard to see and can affect playback. Even brand new disks out of the box sometimes have dust, so cleaning them may help.

Another thing to keep in mind is that DVD Players (even brand new ones) sometimes have firmware updates - some machines may play one DVD but not another; there have been problems reported playing "blockbuster" hollywood titles on various players, even if the same player could play all other movies. (We know of a DVD which goes so far as to print a lengthy disclaimer in its packaging that concludes, if you have a problem, call your DVD Player manufacturer, it is not the DVD makers problem). Usually this is because DVD Player Manufacturers are not fully complying with DVD Specifications.

A related issue is that DVD Players (certain brands in particular) have a limited life before they start "acting up". We have seen this happen, and by the end had to pry older players open to return DVDS to Blockbuster. (Sometimes unplugging a player will also help to clear up issues.)

Also check to make sure the batteries in your remote control are okay, and that you are using the proper remote for the DVD Player. (Sometimes this is in fact what is causing the playback issue or "my DVD does nothing after I put it in the player.")

The DVDs are designed to be used with the remote control (not any buttons on the DVD Player), and the north, south,, east, west buttons should be used to navigate and the button in the middle of them to move to the next menu.

Of course if these sugesstions do not help, please contact us for further assistance or a replacement. It is rare that there is a bad DVD, but if it occurs, we will make sure to get you up and running.

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