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Yoga For Inflexible People, Yoga For Athletes and Yoga For Everybody, Body & Soul, January/February, 2003, Page 40.

"BEST BUY: Want a DVD that's as close as it gets to custom made for you? Check out bodywisdom media's new series [which] includes Yoga For Athletes, Yoga for Inflexxible People and Yoga For Every Body...The instructions, given by teachers such as Barbara Benagh and Judi Rice, are clear and modifications are included..."

Products That Enrich Your Life, Yoga For Inflexible People, 15 Minute Office Yoga,

"Top on my list are the DVD "Yoga For Inflexible People" and the CD-ROM "15 Minute Office Yoga". These media have replaced all the yoga video tapes I used to own - a chance to downsize!... And, they allow me to have an easy, complete yoga experience anywhere, without wading through a long, non-comprehensive video to find what I want.

Yoga For Inflexible People, Yoga Journal, February, 2003, Pages 174-175

"... this is one of the most intelligent and useful presentations served up in quite awhile...For teachers, it can serve as a comprehensive overview of the basic Iyengar approach to educating beginners."

Pilates Complete For Everyone, Billboard, February 22, 2003, Page 31.

"...Viewers should first look at the basics feature, a great introduction to such positions as the One Hundred and Roll Up... A great overall disc that can be used as skil level and stength increases."

Yoga For Inflexible People and Yoga For Athletes, Alternative Medicine, April, 2003, Page 112.

"Routines [on Yoga For Inflexible People] focus on building strength and flexibility, energizing the body and quieting the mind--even if it is hard for you to touch your toes. Best of all, the wide range of routines lets you design you own personal program with specific problem areas and busy schedules in mind. [Yoga For Athletes] is for athletes who may be adept at a particular sport but who don't necessarily stretch and strengthen all their muscles-- the tennis player with chronically tight hamstrings, say, or the football player who can't sit cross-legged. ...both DVDs represent a great stretch forward from previous yoga videos..."

Yoga For Athletes, Triathlete, July, 2003, Page 102.

"Yoga For Athletes brings the beneifts of the ancient practice into your living room with workouts desgined to strengthen and lengthen those triathlon-trained muscles."

Yoga For Athletes, Yoga Journal, September, 2003 pp. 169-170

EDITOR'S PICK  "...even if you do only two or three of the included sports, there's more than enough to keep you busy for a good long while. [Benagh] is in fine form here. Benagh has an expert understanding of both the individual poses and the proper sequencing, which comes through in her precise instructions and her model's polished demonstrations"

Pilates Complete For Everyone, Yoga Journal, November, 2003 pg. 133

"This is a well-executed and beautiful demonstarted presentation..this DVD--one of the most complete Pilates practice well worth checking out"

Power Yoga For Every Body, Yoga Journal, March, 2004

EDITOR'S PICK  "Benagh is one of the most intelligent and insightful teachers around. This is the second DVD of hers we've reviewed, and her work is consitently of the highest quality in both its sequencing and its focus on physical detail and alignment."

Ultimate Body Beginning Workouts For Weight Loss & Ultimate Body Challenging Workouts For Weight Loss, Redbook, January, 2005, Page 20.

"....chock full of squats, low kicks (great for abs, butt and lower body) and punches (which target back, arms and shoulders)...Fat will melt away with every heart-pumping move"

Yoga Complete For Weight Loss, Yoga Journal, Ferbruary, 2005, Page 154-55.

"Certainly if you're on a pound-shedding crusade, these routines will add some much-needed spice and contribute to a slimmer you. But don't be put off by the title: Even if you don't need to lose weight, this is an outstanding practice companion for all levels of students."

  Prenatal Yoga Complete, Yoga Journal, December, 2005

"This DVD set for moms-to-be (and those who want to be moms-to-be) is superb. [Mary] provides excellent guidance, and she is both physically precise, a must for her targeted audience, and compassionate. This is certainly one of the best prenatal instructional videos available."

 Pilates Complete For Inflexible People, Pilates Style Magazine

"everything a beginner could ask for.... combines the best of yoga and Pilates... never get bored and steadily progress."

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