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bodywisdom media / FAQs / Some Poses hurt when I do them, what should I do?

Some Poses hurt when I do them, what should I do?

If a pose causes you pain you should not do the pose and you should consult a doctor and qualified yoga instructor.

One of the main obstacles to progressing in yoga is distinguishing between injurious pain and the occasional discomfort that you may experience when working with a pose.

Opening up tight and stubborn parts of our body is at points not comfortable and our mind/body wants to run from the experience. Not running from discomfort (and not grasping for what is desirable) is one of the central themes of Hatha Yoga (Hatha yoga is the form of yoga most popular in America and is many of the styles that concentrates on using the body as a vehicle for spiritual growth).

Only you can observe this and decide what you are feeling, but always err on the side of caution and stop doing the pose and evaluate what had happened.

Though you need to be careful with your entire body, a common injury people experience in many forms of exercise is knee pain. Never ever tolerate any knee pain. If you are experiencing pain in the knee stop immediately, they are very delicate. People sometimes overcompensate for tight hips and legs by causing injury to the knee. Avoid this mistake at all costs by being careful with alignment and never forcing your way through a pose.

Pay attention to your breathing. Holding your breath in any way is often a sign that you are pushing beyond your means.

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