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One of the great gifts of yoga is improved flexibility. Research has shown that improving flexibility and doing yoga helps you feel younger, healthier and lead a more active life style.

The yoga postures developed thousands of years ago were not created for people who are already flexible, but rather to help inflexible people become more flexible. Yoga videos, even those designed for beginners, may be too difficult for some people that lack flexibility. Essential Yoga for Inflexible People helps anyone, no matter how inflexible, experience all of the amazing physical and mental benefits of yoga.

These proven & effective routines will help anyone increase flexibility and strength while developing a calm, serene mind. Proper form is emphasized through these slower paced, flowing routines. This stunning and beautiful DVD was shot at one of the most majestic, tranquil beaches in the world, Half-Moon Bay, Antigua!

Over 10, easy-to-followcustomized routines allow you to progress at your own pace. This special, easy to use system allows you to find the routine that is just right for your needs.

- Modified poses for less flexible people
- Increase energy levels
- Reduce stress
- For beginner and intermediate students

The Essential Yoga for Inflexible People Series embraces the absolute best in mind-body learning with 10 easy-to-follow, customized routines from the worlds most renowned teachers.

Veteran instructor Maggie Rhoades gently guides you through these effective practices. We selected the very best routines from Maggie s Inflexible People program to help you on this amazing journey of yoga. Some of these routines use a folding chair, block or book, and belt or strap to modify poses for less flexible people. People that have flexibility issues due to serious medical conditions should work in conjunction with a medical professional and yoga teacher.
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